Ipswich-based low-abv brewery Big Drop has just received £500k in private investments and is setting its sights on increasing its hold on the market. The investment will allow Big Drop to finance its marketing department and augment its production, some of which will move to mainland Europe to protect itself against the challenges of Brexit. The brewery has experienced significant growth since its foundation in 2016, thanks to increasing consumer interest in no- and low-abv drinks. In the last 12 months alone Big Drop has enjoyed an impressive 775% growth in sales. The business predicts an annual revenue of £1m by the end of 2019. The principal investor in this most recent funding push is Nick Heath, co-founder of leading business utility switching service Make It Cheaper. ‘The latest investment will unlock more resources, production efficiencies and sales potential both in the UK and globally,’ commented Big Drop founder Rob Fink. ‘There’s a huge potential out there for us and we’re only just at the beginning.’ Big Drop is also investigating the possibility of brewing in Canada, as the company’s beers are already available in the Canadian market. By establishing production facilities overseas, Big Drop plans to meet North America’s high demand for low-abv beers while mitigating its carbon footprint.

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